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Christmas day
4 March 2011

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Existence Artistique on So soft
beau cadrage

Dimitrios on So soft
fun fun shot

Existence Artistique on Arch
bien la corne

Existence Artistique on At sunset
intéressant résultat

B. Thomas on At sunset
Sweet sleep. Nice shot.

beach on At sunset

Existence Artistique on Looking at you
belle composition

B. Thomas on Looking at you
Wonderful image.

Existence Artistique on Like a teddy bear
bien ce cadrage

Existence Artistique on Mum is tired of these plays...
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

beach on Perfectly shaped

beach on Growing up so fast...
Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Tataze on Growing up so fast...
oh a baby

Tataze on Not happy
not happy.....

Tataze on Little pink belly
le plaisir du jeu

Kent on Sound asleep
Great pic

ceteceva on Sound asleep
Adorable !

L'Angevine on Mum is really not happy...
oh magnifique

L'Angevine on Exploring

L'Angevine on Those eyes...really

L'Angevine on Some more fun...

L'Angevine on Wild cat kitten fun

omid on Wild cat kitten fun
:) Lovely cat!

L'Angevine on What is it?
superbe cette cachette

L'Angevine on Grey glass
bien cet effet

L'Angevine on Really....
bien ce cadrage

L'Angevine on Perfectly aligned
oh adorable

L'Angevine on Cosy

B. Thomas on Cosy
I thought I was the only one who ever took photos of my cat's feet. Nice one.

L'Angevine on Until...playtime

L'Angevine on Resting my head on my brother
bien ce cadrage

B. Thomas on Resting my head on my brother
Cute. St. Bernard?

L'Angevine on Green eyes
oh génial son regard

L'Angevine on The eye
bien ce cadrage

L'Angevine on Puppy fun

Shaun on Puppy fun
A wonderful image.

L'Angevine on Saint Bernard Puppy
bien ce cadrage

beach on Saint Bernard Puppy

L'Angevine on Long eyelashes for a wild boar mamma
bien ce rendu

L'Angevine on Up-side-down
une belle recherche et composition,passe une agréable journée

L'Angevine on Strong line
bien ce cadrage

L'Angevine on You have spotted me...

beach on You have spotted me...
Soft treatment of a cute little kitty.

Alimohammad on You have spotted me...
Cute & Angry!

L'Angevine on Mum in never far away from her sleeping baby

L'Angevine on In the mist
bel effet

L'Angevine on Not sure about your haircut...
bien il s'ennuie le pauvre

L'Angevine on Profile
bien ce cadrage

B. Thomas on Profile
Sweet cat portrait.

L'Angevine on Camouflage
bien ces couleurs

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